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The Pulp Heretic

Dick and Fart Jokes, eh?

So, though it is common knowledge to some comic nerds, I'm guessing there are a few of you that don't know that Clive Barker, the creative mind behind Hellraiser and Candyman, also writes comics. Granted, this isn't that great of a leap. The man has also writen various TV shows and etc. But still, it's a name people respect writing comics. Also, for those that aren't living in a cave, Kevin Smith is back on the comic scene, finally finishing up his Blackcat/Spiderman run. Kevin has actually been in the comic scene for quite some time, with the Jay and Silent Bob comics, a stint on DareDevil, and the classic Clerks: The Comic Book. But Mr. Heretic, wasn't that Chasing Amy movie about a comic guy? Okay, point taken. Again, not that big of a leap. Kevin is a comic nerd through and through. A name some might not have thought to be on the creative end of the comics world, however, is Rosario Dawson, of Rent. Sure, she was in Sin City, but still, whodda thunk it? But a rather large name throwing his card into the comic hat is Stephen King, who has revelled plans to continue the Dark Tower series in the form we all know and love. Stephen King is going to write comics. And he's excited about it. Seriously. Not so long ago were the days when authors and artists would take on pen names when contributing to the world of comics, which was and to some extent still is viewed as a form of low art. A quick pulp tale to make some extra cash, but never quite making the cut on the resume. Now, comic are the driving inspiration for movies, with 2 comic adaptions in the top ten grossing movies of all time. Maus won a Pulitzer Prize in 1992. A Pulitzer. A God Damn Pulitzer. Okay, so Maus was about a relevent world topic, but it was a comic none the less. These are some of the reasons I'm not afraid to make this my living, and have a stack of comics and a few articles about comics be my artistic legacy. Because this is real. And for those that get it, nothing else in the world makes as much sence.
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