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The Pulp Heretic

Clocking In

Taking a short break from drawing. However, I am feeling the need to keep my fingers moving... so now you will all suffer. I've been alway for a while. The Official Ranting site seems to be overwith, probably from a lack of updates on my part, but I'm guessing it's more a lack of interest on the part of the site operator. Jay's a busy cat, and my reviews are not top priority. Cool while it last though. And I could be way off the mark. Anyway, let me give you all an update of sorts.

You may now all refer to me as a Professional Comic Artist. I signed my very first contract, work for hire though it may be, last week. Granted, there was a confidentiallity clause, so you won't be hearing too much about it in any specific terms. I will let you all rest assured that it is one of the funniest fucking scripts I've ever read. I'm also in discussions with a writer that has actually been in the business for a bit. Currently he is writting a follow up to his Eisner Nominated graphic novel, and a book he wrote for Marvel just came out this past Wednesday. So I am busy. And it's great. I'm also writing for the college newspaper now, which no one reads, but at least they are letting me write about comics. Which is a nice break from drawing/reading/talking about them. A few projects are closer to being submitted, and if I really get on shit this weekend, I should be able to finish up the details and send them off soon. I lost my day job, so now I have far too much free time. It is filled with Kids in the Hall on DVD, spending amazing amounts of time with the love of my life, and drawing.

Though I will be going out and job hunting come Monday, I would really like to not have to punch a time card at all. So if any of you out there have any type of drawing or comic-journalism you need done, that pays, you can drop me a line at
Please. I really don't want to have to put my pants back on...

Also, I just noticed when checking the shit I read, how annoying it is when someone posts the same exact thing in a bunch of different communities. But I am mindless and rather antsy from drawing on and off for the last 6 or so like I said. Now you will all pay the price.
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