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Here We Go Again...

So, after a somewhat promblematic conversation about my last post on The Engine, I've decided to post a shortened version of what I was trying to get at. Any questions as to whom I'm speaking should just be attributed to the fact that this was part of a conversation. Now, in a more streamlined form, this is what I was getting at. You may all now respond.

'...What I'm saying is that, what if Ellis had sat down at the beginning and said "Okay, i've got this story, and I want it to be readable in one sitting, with out over loading the reader"

I'm not reffering to the content of the story, nor the intended reader. Just a reader in general. I'm using Ellis as an example, because his book FELL is the book that got me thinking about it. I'm simply posing an idea. Ellis intentionally used the nine panel grid in FELL to make the book denser and more involved, so that it would be an amazing buy for the reader at a mere $1.99, or at least he has said as much. But reffering to his notes on the "666266..." formatting before he even has a story, it's obvious that he puts thought into how a book is going to flow, and then finds a story to fit it, or the other way around. Either way, it's the idea of the way the story is told, like you said. This is what I'm getting at.

Follow me on this. One has a story. One puts said story to a nine panel grid to regulate the flow of the story. One creates 22 page comics to regulate the flow. One then collects three to five issue story arcs into trades to regulate the flow. This is a common process if you look at the trade versions of longer series. Now, What if you were to take the same approach of regulating the flow, but to do it at a grander scale, only start at the beginning. From the get go, figure out how to regulate the flow of the entire story, thinking of the whole thing as one book instead of as 60 issues or 10 trades etc.

I'm not saying it should be done. I'm curious as to what effect a formulated approach to an entire storyline/plot would have on the final reading of the story. As an artistic tool, more than a commercial one."
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