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There was a time before Fear Agent. A dark, boring time full of half-assed sci-fi comics, that with each new issue, nailed the wooden stake further and further into the genre's heart.

But hope arrived, in the form of an unstoppable creative team with the drive and creativity to tear out that stagnant comics stake mere moments before it turned sci-fi's heart to ashes.

Pulling the true vibe of fun, balls to the wall, slam-bang brawlin' science fiction with space creatures from far away worlds and raygun slingin' heroes savin' space dames, Rick Remender and his team of artists have thus saved us all from the mediocrity and redundancy currently driving science fiction into the ground.

Forget politicians and midichlorians. Fear Agent is here to remind us why science fiction is fun and can be full of fresh adventures. Consider it a love letter to EC Comics (the true pioneers of hard-boiled science fiction comic books), signed and dipped in perfume by Rick Remender, Tony Moore, Cory Walker, Sean Parsons, Lee Loughridge, and Brian Buccellato.

Wally Wood has been turning in his grave for far too long. Fear Agent just turned off the spin cycle.

Join the FEAR AGENT group here to help spread the word!

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